10 Reasons Why You Should Commit (or Re-Commit) to Church This Year.

  1. Community – Its hard to find a place where we feel seen, known, and understood. In a church that loves as Jesus loves, all are welcome and there is a place for everyone. Church is a great place to build community by stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting some new people, who, like you, are doing their best to navigate life and faith and everything in between.
  2. Understanding – Each week in churches around the world, the Word of God is being studied, discussed, examined, explained, expounded upon, made clear, and applied in ways that anyone can understand. Being a part of this conversation builds our own understanding and helps us see the Bible in fresh, new ways.
  3. Encouragement – From pulpits, platforms, small group circles, and Sunday School classrooms, words of encouragement are shared that remind us how we aren’t the only ones who are trying to live a life of love, peace, kindness, faith and hope. We hear a rally cry each Sunday that reminds us we are not alone.
  4. Service – Church is a place where we are able to experience selfless service. From the parking lot attendants to those who care for our children in the nursey to those who keep fresh coffee in the coffee pot, we see people who are engaged with serving others. We also have the opportunity to engage in that same kind of selfless service as we hear of opportunities to serve those in the community and the world around us. Each week, we are reminded of the beauty that happens when we stretch out a hand to help a brother or sister.
  5. Worship – Have you ever stood in the middle of a large group of people as they worshiped, and closed you eyes to listen as they praised Jesus? You have to admit there is something indescribably holy about it. We were made to worship and we were made for community. Church meets both of those needs. In auditoriums, sanctuaries, and meeting rooms we have the opportunity to get a little glimpse of what heaven will sound like as we link our voices together in worship.
  6. Communion – Taking the bread and the wine, while remembering the love story behind the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on a regular basis is powerful. It changes us, makes us grateful, humbles us, and stirs up our love for our sacrificial Savior. Communion brings us face to face with the cross, and we need that regular act of remembering.
  7. Values – Each week, churches champion the values we all hold dear. Concepts such as morality, integrity, compassion, love, self-control, good character, and generosity are taught and demonstrated as our families listen. In a world where values aren’t always a display, it is a comfort to know that we can bring our families into a place where teaching these values is made a priority.
  8. Togetherness – Many of us feel pulled in so many different directions. The kids have school. Parents have work. There are extra-curricular activities, sports and commitments that keep are families from spending time together. Church gives us a weekly place to be together as a family. It gives us a common bond we can all experience together.
  9. Connected – Churches provide so many opportunity to get connected to people, to ministries, to the community, and to the world. Activities and events are offered to make sure you never have to feel disconnected You choose how engaged you feel led to be and plug in to the places you’d like to connect with.
  10. Purpose – We all want to be a part of something bigger. Being a part of our local church allows us to do that. We have the chance to participate in being an active part of the body of Christ. We join with the work He chooses to do here on earth for the purpose of furthering the kingdom and spreading the gospel. (Taken from ibelieve.com)


In your prayers this week please remember:

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